In this section documents in connection with HUPLANTcontrol, are provided to the project partners.
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Dubrovnik 2019 tentative program Part II153.3 KB437
Dubrovnik Final Agenda109.7 KB287
Flyer Human Pathogens Production Systems141.8 KB195
Haifa Meeting 2020807.6 KB144
HUPlant BestPracticeWorkshop Dublin Sept2-3 2019638.5 KB55
HUPLANTcontrol FLYER6.1 MB356
Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants Userguide V2954.3 KB109
MC Dubrovnik 3692.8 MB98
NEWS COSTHUPlant STSMsreports StatusFeb2020375.5 KB32
Reflections from Rita Büchner about training school in Nikosia2.9 MB166
Report from Metagenomics-QIIME training school317.9 KB160
Report from Ghent terminology meeting403.2 KB154
Report From Tulln Workshop Webpage469.4 KB53
Report of Short Term Scientific Missions (2017-19)349.8 KB56
Report on the fifth edition of the Theodor Escherich symposium held in Graz, Austria, on 8 and 9 November 2018. 83.1 KB124
Special FEMS Issuse 654.7 KB208
STM Call50.6 KB146
STSM-userguide-for-website-Oct-20181.6 MB106
Vademecum-May-2019824.6 KB111
WG3 Trainingschool Advert80.2 KB193
WG3 Trainingschool Advert V365.9 KB70
WHOnote50.4 KB52
Workshop Tulln4.5 MB112
Wrap-up-chair383.1 KB246