Work plan

WP1. To improve current understanding of the role of the plant microbiome on ecological behaviour, colonization and physiological and genetic adaptation of human pathogenic micro-organisms in agri-culture production systems.
[Leader: Adam Schikora (GE),]

WP2. To improve and intensify taxonomical identification of individual members in plant microbiomes that are anticipated to pose negative impact on human health.
[Leader: Joël F. Pothier (CH),]

WP3. To evaluate and improve human proxies where possible, or to develop new/adapt existing systems for testing the human health threatening nature of particular representatives in plant mi-crobiomes.
[Leader: Nicola Holden (GB),]

WP4. To evaluate, improve and design new sanitary and agronomic practices, based on the plant microbiome concept and aimed at controlling human pathogenic micro-organisms in agricultural production systems, e.g. in the open field, in greenhouses (soil, substrate, aquaculture), or at industrial scale, for example in the production of sprouts.
[Leader: Fiona Brennan (IE),]

WP5. To involve stakeholders outside the scientific community to evaluate scientific models and concepts for industrial and societal relevance and to coordinate overarching communication and dissemination activities.
[Leader: Mieke Uyttendaele (BE),]